windshield cup 530PC

item no.: 530PC
max. outer diameter [mm]: 73,0
max. height [mm]: 77,0
Material: PC
box content for pallet [pieces]: 600
box weight for palett [kg]: 11,5
quantity of boxes on pallett: 28
total weight of palett [kg]: 360,0
single box for mail service [pieces] 750
box weight of single box [kg]: 14,0
Remark: Windshield cup is stacked with 50 pieces in series.
The wind shield cup can be used together with the drip 740-00.
Minimum order is one box. A mix of 530PC windshield and 740-00 drip can be ordered. The sum of the boxes on the pallet must be 28 pieces.
data of windshield cup:
Information of combination with windshield cup 530PC and drip
standard colors
Description: Color: Code:
Transparent   00
Orange   03
Amber   04
Dark red   05
Light red   06
Blue   07
Lila   08
Green   09
Yellow   11
Light amber   14
Opaque   17
Pink   98
Lime-Green   99
Anthracite   126
Turqoise   127

Please order with: Articleno. + Colorcode
Example: Cup 106 + color blue= 106-07

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